And start protecting your tenant-occupied property.

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Landlord Insurance 101

Landlord insurance rolls multiple forms of coverage into one policy.

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What type of insurance does a landlord need?

As a landlord, understanding the difference between what kind of insurance is needed for both long-term and short-term rentals is essential.

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Top 5 myths about landlord insurance

There are several myths about landlord insurance that can add to your stress level and cause even more confusion.

Protection for your rental property investment

Stillwater Landlord Insurance is ideal for owners of non-commercial rental homes. Providing some of the same benefits as a homeowners policy, it's primarily for property you own and rent to others.

Why Landlord insurance?

Say, for instance, your rental property is damaged or destroyed by a fire. A Landlord policy would pay to repair or replace the things you own: the house, any damaged outbuildings, and any major appliances. (Your tenants would have coverage for their personal belongings under their renters policies.)

A Landlord policy also provides Liability coverage. This would protect you if, for instance, a contractor were to sue after being injured on your property.

Stillwater's Landlord Insurance provides wide-ranging protection, combined with affordable rates and discounts to help you save. Your agent can help you build a policy customized to your needs.

Save with affordable rates and deep discounts

It's easy to earn a Multi-Policy Discount. Just bundle a Landlord policy with any other Stillwater product, such as an Auto, Homeowners, Earthquake or Umbrella policy. You can also receive our Professional Property Management Discount for being a National Association of Residential Property Managers-certified owner.

Get the protection you need ... and the confidence you want

Stillwater Landlord Insurance gives you confidence as a property owner. It provides confidence that your investment is protected should the unthinkable happen.

  • Cover your house, garage, shed and other structures. At a minimum, the policy protects against the most common perils of fire, collapse, explosion, hail, lightning, smoke, vandalism and wind
  • Get Fair Rental Income Coverage. This pays your rental income if the property is uninhabitable due to a covered loss
  • Get Liability Coverage. This protects you if you're deemed responsible for an injury on your property
  • Cover many rental homes considered "ineligible risks" on standard homeowners contracts due to being tenant occupied
  • Insure properties owned by corporations, LLC's, trusts and associations

These are generalized coverage descriptions. Our Landlord contract includes more detailed definitions.

Coverages and discounts may not be available in all states or situations.