And start protecting the place that you and your loved ones call home.

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Ten factors of pricing home insurance

Key factors that determine how insurance companies calculate your home insurance premium.

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What's the difference between market value and replacement cost?

Have you ever considered exactly how insurance companies will determine what amount of money you'll be reimbursed?

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Top 5 myths about home insurance

Have you thought about how you are going to protect your investment if the unthinkable happens?

Buying homeowners insurance

Simply put, a homeowners policy should make you financially "whole" again if your home is damaged or destroyed by events like fire or storm, or is burglarized.

So, when you buy insurance, look for coverage that:

  • Pays claims based on the cost to rebuild your home. That can be more than your home's market value.
  • Pays the replacement cost for your home's contents, not a depreciated value based in the age or condition.
  • Reflects your very specific needs. Maybe you want coverage for the jewelry your grandmother handed down to you, identify theft protection, or coverage for your seasonal residence.
  • Offers deductible options and discounts that save you money.

Personalize your coverage* to match your needs

With Stillwater, you can build a policy that'll help you stay financially whole if the unthinkable happens.

Your policy's main coverages:

  • Dwelling - Pays to repair or rebuild your home and attached structures, up to chosen coverage limits, if it's damaged or destroyed by fire or storms.
  • Other Structures - Similar to Dwelling Coverage, but for unattached structures
  • Personal Property- Pays for damage to or theft of most personal items, including appliances, furniture, electronics and clothing
  • Medical Payments - Pays for medical expenses for bodily injury to guests while on your property regardless of fault
  • Personal Liability - Pays for expenses associated with bodily injury or property damage to others due to negligence on your part both on or off your property
  • Loss of Use - Pays the bills or expenses you have as a result of losing the use or your residence
Smart coverage options:
  • Extended Replacement Cost - After a catastrophic event like a hurricane or tornado, the cost to repair or rebuild homes can spike due to a shortage of building materials. In that situation, this coverage ensures that the additional cost to repair or rebuild your home is covered.
  • Personal Property Replacement Cost- Get paid the full replacement cost -rather than a depreciated value- for most stolen or damaged personal items.

Additional coverage options to personalize your policy
  • Animal Liability
  • Identity Theft Expense Recoupment
  • Personal Injury
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Special Personal Property
  • Water Back-Up

*These are generalized coverage descriptions. Our Homeowners contract includes more detailed definitions.

The deductible - which you choose when you buy a policy - is the amount you have to pay before the insurance comapny starts to pay for a covered loss. Generally speaking, the higher the deductible you choose, the lower your premium.

The sense of peace that comes with a Stillwater Homeowners policy is available at an affordable rate.. and with discounts that will help you save.

  • Accredited Builder
  • Age of Insured
  • Automatic Sprinkler
  • Claim-Free
  • Gated Community
  • Home Alarm Protection
  • Martial Status
  • Multi Policy
  • Newly Acquired Home
  • Roof-Type
  • Utility Upgrade

Coverages and discounts may not be available in all states or situations.