and get wall to wall coverage.

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Top five myths about condo insurance

Purchasing a condo insurance policy may be less complex than purchasing home or car insurance, but there are still many misconceptions about a condo insurance policy.

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What is Condo Loss Assessment coverage?

Loss Assessment Coverage is an add-on to your condo insurance policy that comes in handy when the community of owners are responsible for unexpected damages.

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Condo Insurance 101

Unlike homeowners, condo dwellers don't own the building they will live in or the land it sits on. But they do need protection for what's inside their specific unit.

Protect your condo lifestyle

Condo living offers some unbeatable benefits: efficiency, easy maintenance, independence and more.

Be confident you're protecting those benefits with a Stillwater Condo policy.

  • It ensures you'll be "whole" again if the interior of your condo is damaged or your personal belongings are stolen.
  • It offers an opportunity to customize coverage - so you get exactly the policy you need.
  • And, it's affordable, with a variety of discounts and flexible payment options to help you keep your budget on track.
  • Offers deductible options and discounts that save you money.

Your condo is more than just a place to live. It's a lifestyle. Protect it with Stillwater.

The basics of condo insurance

Insuring a condo actually means thinking about two policies.

First, there's your homeowners association's policy. It usually covers spaces with shared responsibility: for instance, the lobby, pool and pool house, plus the exterior walls and roof. Your association fee helps cover the cost of this policy.

Then, there's your policy - the one for which you're shopping. It needs to cover not only your belongings, but the spaces for which you have sole responsibility. That usually includes your unit's interior walls, floors, ceilings and everything within them. It also needs to protect you if you're liable for another's injury or property damage.

A Stillwater Condo policy offers this - and much more.

Where to start

A smart first step is to check with your homeowners association. Its bylaws should outline exactly what the association policy covers, and what your policy needs to cover.

Cover your belongings, and spaces that are your responsibility

A Stillwater Condo policy picks up where your homeowners association's insurance leaves off.

Your policy's main coverages* include:

  • Personal Property - Pays for damage to or theft of your personal items, including appliances, furniture, electronics and clothing. Enhance it with Personal Property Replacement Cost. You'll get paid the full cost of an item - not a depreciated value - if it needs to be replaced.
  • Dwelling - Covers fire or storm damage to interior walls and floors - the parts of your condo not covered under the association's policy**
  • Loss of use - Provides living expenses if your condo is not fit to live in due to a covered claim.

  • Personal Liability - Protects you if you're liable for another person's property damage or injury
  • Medical Payments - Pays medical expenses incurred by another person because of something you've done, regardless of your legal liability
  • Loss Assessment - Covers common loss assessments levied by your association (to repair a damaged roof, for instance)

Customize a policy to match specific needs

You can add options like Animal Liability, Identity Theft Protection, Personal Injury Coverage, Special Personal Property Coverage, Water Backup and Earthquake.

Choose a deductible that fits your budget

The deductible-which you choose when you buy a policy-is your dollar-amount "share" of a claim settlement. A high deductible means you get a lower rate, and have a higher share if you file a claim. A low deductible means a higher rate, and a lower share.

Save money with discounts

The sense of peace that comes with a Stillwater Condo policy is available at an affordable rate... and with discounts that will help you save.

  • Age of Insured
  • Automatic Sprinkler
  • Claim-Free
  • Auto-Home

You could save hundreds by combining discounts. And, you can take advantage of flexible payment options that help you keep your budget on track.

Whether it's your full-time residence or your weekend getaway, condos offer an easy, low maintenance lifestyle. You should expect the same from your coverage. That's why we offer great rates to protect your condo and the belongings inside. It's easy to grab a quote, sit back and enjoy your home.

*These are generalized coverage descriptions. Our Condo contract includes more detailed definitions.
** Varies by condo association