The Stillwater Principle

We don't want anyone to just "come to work" at Stillwater. We're looking for people to join our collaborative team and grow in their career. We're everything you'd expect from an insurance company, but the real reasons we love to call Stillwater home are the things you don't expect from a job. You don't have to take our word for it - here are some recent employee testimonials.

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Stillwater Offers:

  • Casual work environment
  • Medical, dental, vision and life insurance benefits to keep you and your family protected
  • 401(K) plans to help you plan for your retirement
  • Gym/Fitness Center reimbursement
  • Generous Paid Time Off (PTO) program to help you maintain your work/life balance
Picture of Steve Jensen

"I work for a company that values my personal efforts and contributions. I receive great support from leadership and peers in other departments as well. If you like to take ownership and responsibility in your role, Stillwater will be a great fit for you."

- Steve Jensen, Regional Sales Manager

"This is a friendly place to work with helpful co-workers. The potential for growth is high and encouraged. I also really enjoy the collaboration between the different departments."

- Mona Sanders, Cash Receipts Representative

Picture of Mona Sanders

Picture of Lauren Nowek

"The work environment here is just the best. We have great management, mentors always willing to help, and a true team mentality. It has a casual dress code and flexibility when needed or warranted."

- Lauren Nowak, Litigation Specialist

"Stillwater has a friendly atmosphere. From Customer Service, to Claims to IT, everyone gets along and works well together. The company does a good job of building an environment for happy employees."

- Stephen West, Lead Software Engineer

Picture of Stephen West

Picture of Ciara Williams

"The work environment at Stillwater is friendly and comfortable. There is also opportunity for growth if you work hard. Everyone here is always more than happy to help you get better at your job."

- Ciara Williams, Administrative Support III

"This is a fast paced, friendly environment that truly has a family atmosphere. The speed at which this organization moves is really motivating to me."

- Harold Tracy, Regional Sales Manager

Picture of Harold Tracy

Picture of Gloria Camarena

"The thing I like best about Stillwater is the professional work environment. I'm surrounded by very knowledgeable insurance professionals."

- Gloria Camarena, Customer Service Representative II

"We work hard to continually improve our process in order to strengthen our company to be both competitive and financially strong. It's so rewarding to see how what I do here can make a difference. And the best part is that my team and coworkers are all working towards this common goal."

-Luke Czajkowski, Product Analyst

Picture of Luke Czajkowski

Picture of John Dole

"There is lots of room for advancement here. If you know what you're doing and come in with a strong work ethic, you can make a career here at Stillwater. Our culture is laid back and low stress and we all pull together to make sure we are successful as a company."

- John Dole, Senior Network Engineer

"This is the best company I have ever worked for. I have great co-workers who truly care about the success of our company, as well as each other. If you put in the effort and always do the right thing, you'll be recognized and rewarded"

- Kyle Rhodes, Business Output Manager

Picture of Kyle Rhodes

Picture of Andrea Lomax

"Working in IT, I really enjoy helping employees face to face with their computer or technology troubles. We have a friendly, stress-free environment that I look forward to coming to."

- Andrea Lomax, System Administator

"Stillwater values its people as one of its most important assets. I love that my contribution matters to the company and I feel appreciated for the things I do."

- Jeanna Giraldi, Regional Sales Manager

Picture of Jeanna Giraldi

Picture of Jake Tuttle

"We sometimes wear a lot of hats at Stillwater and that's the fun part. We partner with other teams and decision makers beyond our core roles to help problem solve and take on new challenges. This gives employees the chance to make a big impact."

- Jake Tuttle, Product Manager

"I really appreciate the work-life balance that Stillwater gives me and it's the best company I've worked for. The environment is laid back, calm and friendly and everyone is great to work with."

- Hayley Tuten, Administrative Support III

Picture of Hayley Tuten

Picture of Joel Kois

"This company provides a great environment with opportunities to grow. If you come in with a "can-do" attitude and are ready to learn, you'll find much success here."

- Joel Kois, Customer Service Representative

"Stillwater provides a healthy and safe work environment by being supportive, respectful and encouraging. There is a positive energy here that's contagious. Not only do we work hard together, but we also enjoy giving back to our communities by volunteering. I love my job."

- Trina Figueroa, Inspections Manager

Picture of Trina Figueroa

The Stillwater Culture Cloud

The words used by your employees to describe their work environment can reveal key insights into your company's culture and brand. The graphic below shows the words most frequently used by Stillwater employees in response to the survey question: "What three words best describe your work environment?"

Picture of cloud with words about what people say about Stillwater work environment