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What is BOP policy?

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a "package" of essential insurance coverages designed for small to medium-sized companies.

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Top 5 myths about Business Insurance..

Being your own boss comes with all kinds of perks, like getting to work on something you are passionate about and working on your own terms. But it also comes with worry over risks associated with owning your own business.

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General Liability vs. BOP

It's important to understand the difference between General Liability Insurance and a Business Owner's Policy (BOP).

One insurance package for the coverage you need

A Stillwater Business Owners Policy (BOP) is a package of essential coverages for small to medium sized companies like yours. It insures your buildings, contents or equipment and provides basic business liability insurance. It even helps you maintain your income if a fire or other incident interrupts your business.

Our BOP product is designed to be easy to buy and easy to own. Pricing is affordable and policy wording and coverage options are clear and understandable. And it keeps protecting your business as it grows.

Simply put, it's a perfect first step to insure your company.

Depending on your type of business, you may want to consider additional coverage for vehicles or professional liability. Your Stillwater agent can help identify your needs and customize a coverage that's right for you.

A Stillwater BOP makes insurance easy, and helps you be confident you have quality coverage.

Essential coverages

BOP are built on these main coverages*:

  • Property coverage - Pays to repair or replace your buildings, furniture, equipment or computers destroyed or damaged in a fire or other incident.
  • Business income coverage - Reimburses loss of income if your business is disrupted due to a fire or other incident. Also pays extra expenses related to operating out of a temporary location.
  • Liability coverage - Pays if your company is responsible for injury or property damage caused by trips and falls, product mishaps, faulty installations or other errors.
Designed and priced competitively for small businesses

We focus on insuring businesses like yours, and welcome both new and established ventures. So, your Stillwater rate will be affordable-with coverages tailored to your specific business needs. Multiple deductible, coverage limits, and payment plan options help you settle on a price that's right for your finances.

Want to amplify the savings? Bundle with a Stillwater Homeowners, Auto or Umbrella policy for a Multi Policy Discount. You can also earn discounts for paying in full, years in business, having good credit and being claim-free.

And, recognizing you have plenty on your plate already, we've made our BOP easy to use. You can shop and buy online or through an agent, and get your policy paperwork electronically.

Stillwater offers a convenient, comprehensive BOP quickly and easily. In just four minutes, you can customize your liability and property damage policy to protect your business' physical and financial assets. Designed for a variety of risks, our BOP insurance provides coverage for businesses with as many as 50 employees, whether it's an established business or new venture. With Stillwater, it's one and done with coverage that never stops taking care of business.

*These are generalized coverage descriptions. Our policy contract includes more detailed definitions.